Softbinator Faucet Upgrade – You Can Now Get Matic, USDT, and ERC20 Tokens on Goerli and Mumbai

If you’re working on a dApp on Polygon (Mumbai Testnet) and want to integrate USDT or create and deploy ERC20 tokens, Softbinator Faucet is here to help.

We’ve just upgraded our Faucet project, so you can get more free testnet tokens!  You can now distribute:

  • USDT and simple ERC20 tokens on Goerli chain (apart from test Ether as explained in a previous post)
  • MATIC, USDT, and simple ERC20 tokens on Mumbai chain 

The Rules to Get Free MATIC, USDT and ERC20 Tokens

softbinator faucet free testnet tokens

All the assets have a common rule: you can make only 1 request per 24h. For example, if you requested ETH,  you’ll be allowed to make a new request for ETH, MATIC, or other assets after 24 hours.

Specific rules to get MATIC

  • You need to have Mumbai chain added to your wallet (see instructions below the rules section)
  • If your wallet address balance is at least 2 MATIC, we don’t grant test MATIC

* Important note you should be aware of: we have a limited number of daily fund requests! If our limits are over for one day, you’ll receive the following message:

“Insufficient funds for daily reward”

Rules for USDT & ERC20 Token

For USDT and ERC20 tokens, there’s no address balance limit, so you can get as many tokens as you want on a single address. We usually provide a maximum of 10 tokens at each request to reduce the waste of tokens.

But if you need larger amounts of tokens in a short time period for a specific project, you can contact us at [email protected] and we can arrange for you to receive more tokens.

* Please keep in mind that it may take a while to answer your request depending on the overall solicitations for tokens we receive.

Rules for ETH

Please check the rules you need to follow to get free test Ether in our recent article.

The Steps You Need to Follow

1. Add Mumbai To Metamask

  • Connect your Metamask extension/app to the Mumbai Testnet (from the ‘Settings’ section).
metamask settings
  • Complete the empty fields using the following parameters:
add mumbai metamask

Here are the parameters above so you can easily copy-paste them:

Network name: Mumbai
Chain ID: 80001
Currency symbol: MATIC
Block explorer URL:

2. Request Assets on Mumbai Chain

  1. Select the Mumbai chain
  2. Select the asset you want to get
  3. Complete the Captcha code
  4. Press “Send” and receive funds
request assets on mumbai chain softbinator faucet

How You Can Help

With Softbinator Faucet, you can experiment with more new features and applications and avoid hidden struggles when building blockchain products.

If you collected ETH or MATIC funds you don’t need anymore, you can donate them to help developers who could use them for their blockchain projects.

You can bring your contribution and give your donation to this address: