Softbinator Faucet – A Project Dedicated to Web3 Developers to Get Test Ether

Few developers want to spend real money when testing or deploying smart contracts. That’s why testnet faucets are the ideal solution – you get free cryptocurrencies you can use to pay gas when deploying or testing smart contracts. 

We decided to create the Softbinator Faucet tool as an additional alternative for smart contract developers to get free Test Ethers. For now, our Faucet supports only Goerli Test Network. 

Before deploying your smart contract on a testnet, use a local network to avoid spending your ETH in a non-productive way. For this, you can use Hardhat, Truffle, or Foundry; any of these development environments can help you simulate a local blockchain, allowing you to test and debug smart contracts. 

Just keep in mind, these aren’t cryptocurrencies with real value; they’re simply virtual funds you can use to interact with the test network.

How to Get Goerli Test Ethers With Our Faucet?

Go to Softbinator Faucet tool and follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. connect with your Metamask Wallet or Wallet Connect

2.  solve a hCaptcha challenge to prove you’re not a robot

3. press the magic button “Send ether”

You’ve now added GoerliETH funds to your wallet! What’s left for you to do is connect to the Goerli testnet and use your ETH to test your smart contracts!

What’s the Amount of ETH I Get? 

The allocated funds are set to 0.01, so you can earn 0.01 ETH once a day (as you’ll see in the rules below). 

This amount should be more than enough for a full day of work. 

Why only 0.01 ETH? We simply want to help as many developers as possible to have access to these funds. 

Rules You Need to Follow to Get Goerli ETH

Because we want to help the blockchain community, not just a few developers, we’ve come up with a set of rules everyone needs to follow to earn ETH funds. Additionally, we want to prevent bad actors from getting large amounts of ETH. 

The rules are:

  • 1 request of ETH funds/day from the same wallet address 
  • only connections to Goerli chain are accepted
  • requests made using a proxy or 2 requests made from the same IP address aren’t allowed 
  • if your wallet address balance is at least 0.5 ETH, we don’t grant test ETH (that means that you already have enough ETH for testnet); we check the wallet address balance to see if it’s lower than 0.5 ETH!

* Important note you should be aware of: we have a limited number of daily fund requests!

What’s Our Purpose with Softbinator Faucet?

We’re a tech company that works with cutting-edge technologies like blockchain. We know all about blockchain developers’ struggles to get funds for their projects. That’s why we developed this Faucet that offers free test ETH to bring our contribution to help Web3 innovations grow.

How You Can Help

If you collected ETH funds you don’t need anymore, you can donate them to help developers who could use these funds for their blockchain projects. 

You can bring your contribution and give your donation to this address: 


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