Softbinator JavaScript Bootcamp – Summer Session 2022

You already made your first step in fulfilling your dream of becoming a software engineer. But what does it take to launch your career in software engineering?

We believe bootcamp learning can bring many benefits. That’s why this summer, we kicked off this exciting project where students can learn plenty of practical coding skills in a short time and take advantage of individualized mentorship and job placement after completion.

Here’s all you need to know about Softbinator Bootcamp.

What is Softbinator Bootcamp

We’ve been collaborating with several universities in Romania for quite some time now.  Softbinator team started this initiative as it aligns with one of our strategic missions, which is to educate the next generation of IT talent

One of our focuses is to better equip computer science and information technology students for the working world and offer them new areas of study.  

Completing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in the IT field is always a plus. But if you combine it with hands-on training and bootcamp programs, you can start your career or get promoted in a relevant IT field way easier.

Softbinator Bootcamp – First Edition

Our latest partnership is with Ovidius University of Constanta – Faculty of Mathematics and Technology Information department. Students from this university got the chance to join the summer of 2022 bootcamp project. 

Our first bootcamp session of many more to come focuses on JavaScript coding. This programming language is a must-know skill for professional developers, especially if they want to specialize in front-end or full-stack coding. You hear and read about JavaScript everywhere; companies like Netflix, PayPal, and Facebook use it daily. 

That said, you’ll likely have to deal with JavaScript-coded projects at your first job, so knowing to code JavaScript fluently is essential. 

Bootcamp Detailed Program

Our JavaScript bootcamp started on July 6th, and will last 10 weeks covering the following schedule:

  • 5 weeks of intensive training sessions covering the ins and outs of Java 
  • 5 weeks of practical workshops, where students have to apply what they learned into a project (which they can keep as part of their portfolio)

During these 10 weeks, students  attend two sessions: one online course every Tuesday and one (live at the university) lecture every Friday.  

The bootcamp starts with JavaScript basics, and is followed by pair programming with classmates, where they’ll be challenged to handle common JavaScript problems. Each week, students have to complete a practical assignment, and they’ll receive feedback on their work based on 1:1 coaching sessions.

Apart from the actual coding skills, they get insights on some practical tips and tricks they can apply in real-world use cases. So, students gain useful skills in both coding theory and practice.

Our Mentors

How to Apply

The best part about the current bootcamp and the ones we’ll organize in the future is that they’re completely free. However, the number of available spots is limited. 

Keep an eye on our social media channels (LinkedIn,Facebook), so you’ll know when we’re launching the next edition.

The application process is fairly simple:

  • Send a CV and include a link to your LinkedIn profile
  • Links to GitHub or another repository are a plus and highly appreciated

What’s In It for You

This bootcamp brings more than acquiring the essential coding skills (in this case, JavaScript competences) that can help students land a job in tech

At the end of the bootcamp, you receive:

  • a completion certificate
  • a scholarship if you complete a project based on Softbinator trainers’ requirements 
  • the chance to be hired as Junior Software Engineer at our company

The above-mentioned benefits will be available for all our future bootcamps.

See You At Our Next Bootcamp

Our bootcamps are fun, engaging and filled with inspiring tech knowledge and resources. Our mentors focus on a practical approach to learning, and we want to teach students the exact skills prospective employers are looking for as we speak.

They’re a great opportunity, especially due to face-to-face tutoring which is one of the best ways to start your journey to becoming a skilled engineer.

Our plans on combining practical tech workshops with the best practices of universities won’t stop here. We’ll partner with several other educational institutions for our next bootcamp sessions.

Stay tuned, and we’ll make sure to keep you updated on our next bootcamps and similar events powered by Softbinator Technologies.