Softbinator’s Journey in 2022 – Our Year in Review

As we’re getting close to the end of another exciting year, we want to take the time to look back and be grateful for our progress and accomplishments! It feels like 2022 went by in a flash, but the amazing Softbinator Technologies team has had a crazy ride with massive product- and people-led growth. 

In summary, we:

  • added new services for our clients
  • became a genuine full-stack product development company
  • welcomed many new team members
  • helped more customers build unique software products

If you’re curious to see everything that we’ve been up to, here’s a rundown of our team’s achievements in 2022!

Our Company Expanded Its Product Development Services

Softbinator Technologies Became A Publicly Listed Company

We’ve been listed on Bucharest Stock Exchange’s AeRO market under the symbol #CODE!

In fairness, this event happened at the end of 2021. But 2022 marks the year when we’ve started to see the benefits and growth opportunities this move has brought to our business. 

As a listed company, we gained more public trust, attracting more investments, valuable clients, and top talent.

We’ve Opened A New Office in Silicon Valley, USA

This was an important milestone that led to a big celebration! Since one of our company’s goals was to expand on the US market, opening a US office came as a natural step. And the results came quickly as we partnered up with several American-based clients from different industries.

Digital Tailors and [e-spres-oh] Joined Our Team

With M&A transactions as a significant part of our growth strategy,  we continued to integrate more companies into our group in 2022. Thus, we welcomed:

  • Digital Tailors a product marketing company for startups and technology companies
  • [e-spres-oh] – a company specializing in software development, consulting, testing, and UI/UX

Softbinator Technologies has become a full-stack product development company by adding product and content marketing services for B2B tech businesses.

Along with the [e-spres-oh] team, we have doubled our talent and extended our delivery capacity and prowess for worldwide clients.

We’ve Embraced Blockchain As Part of Our Business

Unveiled A Blockchain Development Department

In our pursuit to become a top-ranked blockchain services provider, we developed a dedicated blockchain department under Marius Baisan’s supervision, our CTO.

This led to several partnerships in the blockchain industry, including a game development studio in the US and other DeFi projects.

Created An In-House Project to Help Web3 Builders

Our blockchain engineers unraveled an easy workaround to write automated tests when building smart contracts without paying gas fees. Introducing Softbinator Faucet – a project that allows smart contract developers to get free Test Ethers. 

This was just the start of our contributions to help Web3 innovations grow;  we plan to develop similar projects in the year to come.

Introduced A Financial System That Accepts Payment with Stablecoins

With blockchain as our additional line of business, we decided to embrace cryptocurrencies for our business and accept payments with stablecoins

We’re actually one of the first blockchain providers on the local market that made this step to support and increase our collaborations with clients in the blockchain sector.

Our Support for Education and Tech Training Continued

Completed A Successful 2nd Edition of Softbinator Labs

Softbinator Labs is our initiative to support computer science and IT students in getting hands-on knowledge and experience in software development.

In 2022, we organized our 2nd edition of our program, providing students 5 full weeks of free courses for the following technologies:

  • Java
  • Blockchain 
  • QA
  • Net Development
  • Angular/React

13 of the brightest candidates became part of the Softbinator Technologies team.

Organized The 1st Edition of Technical Bootcamps

As part of our new partnership with Ovidius University of Constanța – Faculty of Mathematics and Technology Information, we launched an intensive tech training program to provide students with practical, job-ready skills.

The Softbinator Bootcamp focused on JavaScript essentials, including group and 1:1 coaching sessions. Our mentors offered trainees insights and practical tips and tricks they can apply in real-world use cases and professional projects.

Kicked Off A Partnership with the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics – University of Bucharest

Our company officially signed a partnership with the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics of the University of Bucharest. This partnership aims to remove some of the barriers students face in gaining strong tech skills, like access to the latest tools and equipment.

That’s why Softbinator Technologies completely renovated and equipped a computer lab within the faculty with modern iMac workstations.

Sponsored A Blockchain Course Within The Polytechnic University of Bucharest

Our company has a close collaboration with ANIS, the Employers’ Association of the Software and Services Industry. ANIS brings together private and public IT companies and supports various educational programs, including annual sponsorship programs for technical courses within universities.

This year, Softbinator Technologies sponsored Costin Carabaş’s project to introduce Foundations of Blockchain course at Polytechnic University of Bucharest.

Actively Supported Programming Contests for Students

Some of the most important IT contests we supported this year include:

Additionally, we had several in-house technical workshops where some of our Senior Engineers shared valuable insights from their work experience.

We Built An Autonomous Work Culture for A Fast-Growing Team

Softbinator Counts 150+ Employees

With two new companies as part of our group and new joiners, the Softbinator community now counts 150+ talented people.

Having our team grow was one of our most rewarding achievements. 

We’re proud to say that we have the best people, always on the move and staying at the forefront with the latest technology to keep Softbinator Technologies innovative.

Moved to A New and Bigger Office

As a natural step of our growth, we needed more space. Our new office covers a much better and bigger workspace with plenty of fun areas.

Yet, we still have enough room to welcome new peers to our team! 

Adopted Holacracy As Our Management Structure

Although we’ve always aspired towards holacracy as a management model, we officially fully embraced it, starting with 2022.

The three pillars of holacracy are: mastery, autonomy, and purpose. In simple words, we let each Softbinator master their own talent and achieve their full potential. Our teams are self-organized, and everyone exercises their own authority and responsibility to accomplish any task.

Were Awarded as A Top Employer

Romania’s biggest online employees community placed Softbinator Technologies in Top 3 Best Employers 2022 in both general and IT&C companies. 

This was a huge deal for us, and came to show that we fulfill high standards in terms of people practices and workplace environment.

Joined Several Local and International Conferences

Our teams enjoyed full days of learning and fun networking at these events:

Remembered to Have Fun

Although fun is part of our every work day, we’ve still had plenty of 100% entertaining and work-free moments!

And this image perfectly sums up our fantastic year:

What to Expect In 2023

We’ll keep building tech for humanity and embrace new challenges!

Our ambitious plans for 2023 align with what we started in 2022, which is to continue to grow and become a trusted full-stack product development service provider for US and Western Europe clients. 

Additionally, we’ll keep attracting top talent, add new companies to our group, and join our forces to build custom solutions that boost market leadership. 

Here’s to a better and more prolific 2023!